What do you know about the author of Qaadisiya.com

14947832_10154703576414583_8584625789646322457_nAbdirahim Isse Adow was among the waylayers at Siisii location and he has later joined a squad of beheaders spearheaded by a man by the name Salah Baroonshe who was by then the owner of a big garage which the stolen cars in Mogadishu were used to be dismanteled.
Abdirahim Isse Adow who is now the writer for Qaadisiya.com has become the head of the Intel for Salah Baroonshe, and he was mainly assigned for information related with the tycoons who can be kdinapped and demanded for ransom in their release.
Some of the notable person which Abdirahim has kidnapped include Dr. Abdi Samad Hassan Haye, Dr. Kutub and some other notable persons.
During the Islamic Courts Union Abdirahim has given up his gangester actvities and joined the ISC, some of the notable persons who encouraged him to give up the mission he was in was Sheikh Shariff, who is a close relative of him.
After Abdirahim has given up the chewing of the narcotic plant “Khat” and his heavy smoking he has phisically changed.
Abdirahim used to be a hungry man and had only klashinkov, but he got fablouse money from the killing of Kate Payton who was killed near Sahafi hotel, he was among the four men who killed her.
Abdirahim become a special security guard for President Sheikh Shariff, but on the other hand was working with Aden Hashi Erow, he was a sginfican figuer for them in side the governmnet.
Abdirahim bought and MP3 from Rowda Electronic and a digital camera from Beder electronic, the aim of these items for the update of Qadisiya website.
The website has gained project from the Islamic courts union, which was later eliminated, there were so many writers of the website.
Abdirahim was also the masterminder of the killing of the Swedish jouranlist in a broad day light at Tarbunka area in Hodan district, at a time when there was a demonstration against the presence of the Ethiopian troops in the country.
Though Abdirahim has taken part in several calculated killings including the head of the CRD Dr. Abdikadir Yahye, we shall put into display some other tense images in the coming 2nd episode of this series.
NB: I will also put in display several ladies who were rapped by Abdirahim when he was a gangester, some of these ladies have still the effect of the rape the encountred.
Upcoming soon are the images of the ladies which he has raped.

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