A murderer in a safe heaven

After the collapse of the revolution regime in the country inter-clan fights has erupted in the country, and afterwards the warlords signed peace agreement to form a central interim government system which were formed in Djibouti and Kenya.
This has stopped the inter-clan fighting in the country, but this has given golden opportunity to the terrorist groups which have formed in the country and carried out calculated killings and explosions.
Since from the year 2006 there have been sequences of calculated killings in the country and some of the ringleaders who were involved in those killings are now in protection in the federal government institutions, despite the ringleaders have taken the reconciliation they are some of them who are linked with some of killings on suspicion grounds, but there are also some who have committed deliberate killings on either shooting or in explosions on high profile figures who are important for the Somali community and the leadership in the country.
This time round when Somalia is no longer in interim fashion government and the country has excellent judiciary system it is worthy to take these individuals who are taking cover in the government institutions before the dock, this is exactly what the relatives of those who were killed by these culprits hiding in the government institutions want to see.
Abdirahim Isse is among those master minders who behind carrying out the horrific killings, and as well spokesman for the terrorists groups, he used to air his voice through the media proudly saying that he is the man who carried out the evil acts. He is now a full member in the Ministry of Information of the federal government of Somalia, he is there where waiting one day to be indicated and taken before the judiciary.
Apart from killing innocent people deliberately Abdirahim has also killed the following dead persons in a plot, and in addition to that these are the same persons who he has openly said through the media that he has killed them. His voice for these is also recorded as evidence.
1_Cabdirizak Warsame Gaadaco a journalist who was working with Radio Shabelle.
2_Col.Galjecelow a counter terrorist officer who was killed around Km4 roundabout
3_Cabaas Maxamed Ducaale-Bussines Man.
4_Bashiir Nuur Geedi- Shabelle Chairman.
5_Muuse warsame Tawane-Milatary Officer killed near Defency Minister.
6_Col.Nuur Xiirey- Millatary Commander.
7_dhaawicii afhayeen Xuseen Xuubsired
8_xaaji Cumar Cali Gabobe Dayniile District Commisioner.
9_Abdihakim Omar jimcale-Journalist wounded in Mogadishu.
10_wariye Kate Peyton-BBC Journalist.
11_wariye Martin Adler-Swedish Journalist.
12_Cabaas Galeyr- Banadir Spokesman.
13_Mohamed Muxudiin cali- Banadir Spokesman.
14_Deputy Attorney General
15 _Gen Jilicow- Former Intelligence Officer.
16_ Xasan Cadde-Deputy Chairman of Yaqshid District.
This list is list of the relatives who are ready to go to the justice with Abrihaim Isse Adow who killed their loved ones in the name of religion, of course he has no religion and other worldly education, and he is still a culprit who put himself out of sight inside the government institution.

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